Implement Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement
Enhanced Disinfection
Improved Critical Supply Chains

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With Continuous Improvement and data driven Lean Six Sigma, waste, errors, unnecessary waiting, and defects are reduced in all organizations, whether healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage manufacturing, or steel production.

Working together with your team members, we optimize defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling processes to reduce or eliminate errors, waste, defects, overproduction, waiting time, under/non-utilized talent, unnecessary transport costs, excess inventory, and non-value-added processing.

StratTech’s analytic tools focus on value-added customer satisfaction and retention. Coupled with highly effective project management, innovative data analytics, and collaborative team building, costs, product quality,  and staff satisfaction are enhanced, generating significant cost reduction and profitability.

Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, and World-Class Operations tools are applicable to any industry and organization.

Leading-edge, Semiautonomous Robotic Disinfection. Rugged equipment and the most affordable and efficient in the market.

Enhanced Disinfection

Thor-2 UVC light disinfecting robot

In Healthcare, Strattech works closely with medical staff, epidemiologists, scientists, engineers, and manufacturers, to find and produce world-class disinfection equipment. As a result, industry-appropriate disinfection is greatly improved.

Our partner’s disinfection equipment efficacy is backed by numerous research studies and peer-reviewed journal publications. The disinfection equipment we support is highly effective, rugged, and the most affordable and cost effective in the market.

Equipment investment payback periods can be as short as one year and return on investment is typically in the double digits. As needed, we can assist with bank financing, leasing, or other off balance sheet funding.

As a function of an organization’s specific needs, we can

  • Improve significantly operational processes, including disinfection processes.
  • Recommend optimal and affordable equipment for the best disinfection results.
  • Oversee and manage effective design layout and installation.
  • Train your personnel or provide our trained teams to operate the disinfection equipment.

A partial list of the types of facilities and applications include the following.

  • Daycare Centers.
  • Schools.
  • Colleges and Universities.
  • Healthcare Facilities.
  • Hospital access and their public spaces, waiting and testing areas, ORs, ERs and Critical Care Units, and Patient Rooms.
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC).
  • Specialized Nursing Facilities (SNF).
  • Long-Term Care Facilities (LTC).
  • Nursing Homes.
  • Assisted Living Facilities (ALF).
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Vehicles.
  • Dental Offices.
  • Laboratories & Clean Rooms.
  • Veterinarian Facilities.

Improved Critical Supply Chains

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To assess and improve the operations of our clients and their key suppliers and supply chains, we professionally assess current operations and recommend the path to achieving medium- and long-term goals.

We can recommend and provide cost-benefit analyses; and implement the right equipment, training team members to use the equipment safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Depending upon client needs and constraints, we recommend leading-edge, semi-autonomous robotic equipment and permanently installed relatively low maintenance disinfection equipment.

Please contact us to arrange a time to discuss your questions or needs. We look forward to speaking with you.