Implement Lean Production, Continuous Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and World-Class Operations Management

medicine production - Critical Suppliers and Supply Chains

Using Lean Production (aka Lean Manufacturing or Lean), Continuous Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and World-Class Operations Management, waste, errors, unnecessary waiting, and defects can be reduced in all industries and organizations.

Working together with your management and team members, we assess, measure, analyze, improve, and control processes to reduce or eliminate errors, waste, defects, and overproduction. Further, waiting time, non-utilized talent, unnecessary transport costs, excess inventory, and non-value-added processing are significantly diminished.

StratTech works with small and medium-sized companies. We work with your company to focus on value-added customer satisfaction and retention. Coupled with highly effective project management, analytics, and collaborative team building, costs, product quality, and customer and staff satisfaction are enhanced, generating significant cost reduction and increased market share and profitability.

Lean Production, Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, and World-Class Operations apply to any industry and organization.

Operational Improvements for Key Suppliers and Critical Supply Chains

engineers collaborating in Critical Suppliers and Supply Chains
engineers working on a tank - Critical Suppliers and Supply Chains
manufacturing assembly line Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement
To assess and improve the operations of our clients’ key suppliers and critical supply chains, we use proprietary tools to conduct an in-depth assessment of current operations. We then recommend and guide the path to achieving short-, medium- and long-term improvement goals.

Process improvements reduce supply chain disruptions, supplier errors, production rates, and lead times, benefiting clients and customers.

The work with clients’ key suppliers and supply chains provides a clear roadmap to improving the suppliers’ and the clients’ operational and financial results

Lean Healthcare and Leading-edge, Semiautonomous Robotic Disinfection.


In Healthcare, Strattech collaborates with hospitals, medical staff, epidemiologists, scientists, engineers, and manufacturers, to find and produce world-class disinfection equipment. When integrated with sound Lean Process Improvement, industry-specific disinfection is greatly improved.

Supporting the efficacy of disinfection equipment are numerous research studies and peer-reviewed journal publications. Equipment investment payback periods can be as short as one year or less, and the return on investment is typically in the double digits.

As a function of an organization’s specific needs, Strattech can

• Improve significantly operational processes, and the integration of disinfection processes
• Recommend optimal and affordable equipment for the best disinfection results, and
• Oversee and manage efficient design and operational layout

 A partial list of the types of facilities and applications includes the following

• Hospital public spaces, waiting and testing areas, ORs, ERs, Critical Care Units (CCU),
  Pharmacies, Patient Rooms, and food preparation and dining areas
• Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC)
• Specialized Nursing Facilities (SNF)
• Long-Term Care Facilities (LTC)
• Nursing Homes
• Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)
• Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Vehicles
• Dental Offices
• Laboratories & Clean Rooms, and
• Veterinarian Facilities